Pure by Nature Filled with Nutrition

At Dhaara Farm, we strive hard to ensure that the milk you receive from us is as close to nature as it is intended to be. Our milk is 100% pure – Nothing is ever added or removed from our milk and it is also truly natural – free from antibiotics, hormones and other harmful adulterants.

DHAARA Raw A2 Milk from Free Grazing Desi Gir Cows, it is only form of Milk containing Complete A2 Protein. It has lower fat content and is high in Omega 3 & 6, which clears Cholesterol Deposits. Cerebrosides present only in Indian Cow Milk Increases Brain Power and Enhances Immunity. It is the best form of milk for Mothers and for Kids, For the Young and the Old, For Fitness Freaks and for People wanting to lose weight. Drink Fresh Daily. The cows are hand milched after fully feeding the calf. NoAdded Preservatives. Free Home Delivery within 4 hours of milching.



A2 milk Beat Casein which doesn’t produce BCM 7 and this casein naturally supports digestive system. A2 milk is very easy to digest also it contains Cerebrosides which increases the brain power. The Dhaara A2 milk offers the closest benefits of ‘mother’s milk’. The reason is because it contains Colostrum which is found in mother’s milk.


DHAARA Ghee is traditionally made, just the way our ancestors used to. Fresh Cow’s milk is boiled and cooled down to 42-43 degrees Celsius to set curd. The curd is then churned vigorously until butter starts separating from the curd. Then the butter is carefully simmered to make ghee, which gives it the nutty taste and an appeasing aroma.

Why Choose Us

Pure-breed Indian Gir Cow Milk
100% Natural Processing Ghee
No Artificial Insemination
Fodder For Cows grown at the Farm


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For all your Milk and Ghee Services Needs.

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