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Dangerous dating behavior among females aged 50+: an ever growing health concern that is public

Natalie A. Stepanian, PhD, RN; Michele R. Davidson, PhD, CNM, CFN, RN; and Joshua G. Rosenberger, PhD, MPH

Dangerous dating behavior, frequently causing high-risk intimate behavior, is an increasing general public health concern since it plays a part in the high incidence of intimately sent infections (STIs). These behaviors have now been the main focus of numerous national academic initiatives focusing on individuals at best risk—typically those who work in their late teenagers or 20s. A new at-risk group has been identified that has been relatively invisible until now: sexually active women aged 50 years or older in recent years. The writers talk about the academic and main care requirements of the ladies making sure that their danger for developing STIs may be paid down.

Intimacy and sexual phrase are normal individual requirements. In past times, as both women and men matured, they relied on partners or long-lasting lovers to satisfy these requirements. However, ladies aged 50 or older today change from females of past generations with regards to both their attitudes toward sex therefore the option of intimate lovers while they age.