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It’s vital that you your rabbits’ welfare that they live in pairs or teams <h2>Neutering – it’s not only about children…</h2> <p>…it’s vital for an extended and healthier life. </p> <p> And neutering permits them to get this done. It stops health that is life-threatening (especially in feminine rabbits) and, needless to say, stops undesirable pregnancies. You can find numerous of undesired rabbits in rescue centres currently, please don’t add for this by breeding from your own animals. </p> <p>It’s worth saying again: Neutering is essential for an extended and life that is healthy. </p> <h2>Vital for bonding</h2> <p>That they can live together happily if you have a mixed-sex pair of rabbits, they both need to be neutered so. Regardless of if your feminine rabbit is spayed, an uncastrated male will nevertheless you will need to install her which could trigger combat and it'll cause anxiety to both rabbits. She will have repeated false pregnancies, is likely to become aggressive, and will be at risk of early death from uterine cancer if you neuter your male rabbit but leave your female rabbit unspayed. While mounting may nevertheless happen between neutered pairs, it is due to dominance behaviour as opposed to reproduction, and also this is an entirely normal behavior. In fact you will definitely often find feminine rabbits mounting their male companions since they're the partner that is dominant. </p> <p>Male rabbits may be castrated at all ages. It’s best to have them castrated as soon as their testicles descend (10–12 weeks) although take advice from your own vet – some may prefer you to wait a little longer if you have taken on young rabbits.</p>