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Marriage and Couples Counseling – Intercourse Therapy – Intercourse Addiction Therapy Miami, Florida

Whenever Miami individuals and couples wish to sort out relationship and intercourse problems, we believe that our personal training of clinicians are a choice that is exceptional. As solution-focused practitioners, our objective is always to assist customers have a life that is fulfilling full of joy and significant relationships.

Our Background In Partners and Individual Intercourse Therapy (and Sex Addiction Treatment)

8 many years of training as being a specialist at Southern Miami Hospital’s Addiction treatment plan permitted Charlene to contour her methods that are own effortlessly dealing with people, families, and partners with addiction, closeness dilemmas, and injury. 10 years of personal training has improved her knowledge of addiction as a russian women for marriage type of maladaptive coping, and also at the time that is same well studied medical infection, which includes led her to explore the methods by which traumatization might play a roll in addiction.